Wayward course

More than 50 people have lost their lives in the Madhes agitation recently and it is still on. Several rounds of talks have been held between the government and the agitating parties recently, and many of the talks were called ‘decisive’ before the start of the talks but all of them have ended inconclusively. The Madhesi parties had intensified their agitation soon after the news flashed out that the 4 major political parties agreed to go for a six-province model. As soon as it was decided that there would be 7 provinces in Nepal and the constitution would be promulgated on the fast track, the intensity of the agitation by Madhesh-based parties intensified further, resulting in loss of lives, damage to property, and disruption of normal business activity and daily lives of the general people.

The agitation continued after the promulgation of the Constitution 2072 on September 20, 2015 as well but the form of agitation was transformed to a blockade of all the border points between Nepal and India, which received full support from India. The blockade by Madhesh based parties and unofficial blockade by India is still in effect and people across the two countries are suffering particularly those living in urban areas.

The agitating parties claim that the constitution has not guaranteed the rights of Madhesi people to identity, access to the resources and representation at policy level.

Who and why on earth should one person support another, when this person is suffering from the action of that person. It is exactly the same with the agitation of the United Democratic Madhesi Front (UDMF).

The reasons for raising this question are that the supply of necessary items such as food grains, raw materials for medicines, medicines, gas for cooking purposes, and diesel and petrol have been cut off, rather allowed to enter in very restricted quantities, resulting in huge price hikes in most items. The petroleum supplies have been badly hit. As a result travelling from one place to another has become extremely difficult. There are numerous buses travelling in the region where agitation is going on. By the time buses arrive to their destination, there is only debris of mirrors remaining in the bus. Millions of children are deprived of their right to education and are bound to spend their productive time at home purposelessly. The studies of the SLC students have been hit harder.