We are one

In relation we are Cousin but most of the people ask us “Are you both Twins?” and I never get tired of giving answer of their question to them- “No, we are from two different mothers still our heart is connected.” I really don’t remember the date when we started being together and loving each other. We always help each other without any conditions. We share our secrets; we laugh together and heartily welcome each other’s presence and company every time. You are my little sister but we have been best friends since long. The way you do anything for me has been special always. Your surprise birthday gifts and best wishes, your respect toward me, your humble behaviour, your unconditional love and affection are evidences to make me realize how much I am special in your life. You are always first wisher on my Birthday at correct 12 a.m. of every January 09. I always wait for a chance to invite you in home. This is how we are and will remain the same forever. — nayanparidhi.blogspot.com