Where have the smiles gone?

Every morning we wake-up with black clouds rolling above our heads, yet ready for the bad news of murder or abduction broadcast on the T.V.

With a cup of tea, we gulp our fear and anger with the unfolded pages of newspaper lying beside us. Instead of taking a cool shower to freshen ourselves for the productive beginning we wet ourselves with sweat and fill a bucket of water to fulfill the daily needs. When will we get a goodnight's sleep?

Water supplies may replenish our dry reservoir any time and some times it is at 3 a.m. You sacrifice your sleep and end up with only few buckets of water. We don't know when we will be fortunate to get a mug of water at will to wash ourselves and look fresh. This situation is so baffling that we can't make out whether we are the second richest or the poorest country in water resources. It is but a tale of disbelief for the next generation.

Lets keep the scenario of water aside, one thing is for sure we are rich in vehicles.

Traffic jams and road accidents are the two common things that are becoming a digester to the day. While walking down the road we help ourselves not to be the news on accident.

The people get their dose of the sick news of abduction of children and people. As the population of Kathmandu has grown so has these incidents. It's like keeping abreast! A school bus passing by just stirs the mind to get the tragic lead.

With all the chaos around we all feel the dire need for peace and positive thinking. We go for meditation and yoga. Really we are brave and have lots of positive attitudes. With all these uncertainties of water, electricity, economy, bandhs and of course of life, we know how to live and our battle for survival continues. People in the developed country will call it hell, but we love to live it with constant

battle and fear. But, despite all the odds that we have been used to, the present times is not what we had bargained for in the long run.

We know there is no end to this still we are hopeful for all this to end and start a life with peace like in heaven. All ordinary citizens carry these frustrations in their daily life. All this has taken away the productivity and the smiles. Where have the smiles gone?"