The Bearded Business

November showed us men with beards. We saw them at the bar, on the sidewalk, at work, coaxing a second glance from us. Now that December’s here TGIF asks some ladies for their take on this look and who, according to them, carried it off with flair

Ashishma Nakarmi,


Clean shaven men look like teenagers. They look like they’ve just hit puberty! I find men with beard appealing. They are the ultimate definition of ‘sexy’. In Nepal, I find two men easy on the eyes — Aryan Sigdel and Jiwan Luitel.

Subani Moktan,


Men with beards are a BIG NO for me! I don’t like it when a face is hidden behind a beard. For me, clean shaven man means a well groomed man. BUT IF I had to really choose a man who sports the beard well then Prasant Tamrakar it is! (Although he looks better now without the beard).

Surakshya Panta,


I’m all for men with beards. I think it has an inherent masculine quality to it. I think a beard can turn a man from a pastry nerd to a rugged hunk. If I had to take one name then I would take Suraj Singh Thakuri’s.

Nagma Shrestha,

Miss Nepal Earth 2012

Some men look sexy with a beard if they can pull it off. I guess it all depends on how one styles it. A beard is not the deciding factor for me when I choose my dates. If it suits him and compliments his personality, I am game for it. As for the sexiest bearded man in Nepal, I am yet to be impressed by men HERE.

Pechi Zitutsang,

Fashion Designer

November gave us a lot of choices! The ideal bearded man for me is Brad Pitt. He is my benchmark for bearded men (smiles). I subconsciously relate beards with masculinity. That said, clean shaven men are no less appealing to me. But if a man can carry off the bearded look then he very well should sport one. I think Prasant Tamrakar rocked the bearded look.

Reecha Sharma,


I find men with beards super sexy. I prefer the bearded look to the clean shaven one. A beard adds oomph to a man’s face and I find that pretty alluring. In Kathmandu, I think a MAN who really pulled off his bearded look is Asif Shah.