Boxer Manohar Basnet today accused President of Nepal Boxing Association (NBA) Rajiv Shrestha of ruining his career by barring him from international participations.

Basnet, who has 11 titles including four national gold medals under his belt, has not participated in any international tournament in his 13-year career. “I was robbed of the opportunity of fighting in international arena and President Shrestha is the man behind it,” claimed Basnet, who hails from Mahalaxmi Municipality in Lalitpur, at a press meet today.

“I used to criticise wrong deeds within the association and Shrestha told me that he would not allow any boxer from Lalitpur, especially me, participate in international tournaments as long as he remains the president,” said Basnet. “I raised voice against the system but he took it personally,” he added. “I know the consequences of this outburst. I will be kicked out of boxing and my career will come to an end but I don’t care as I am not scared of telling the truth,” said Basnet, also a wrestler and popularly known as MaxBee.

“He does not want me in boxing. He even cancelled the selection tournament of Asian Championship slated for July 7 when he saw my name in the list,” claimed Basnet, who trained in India for three years. The NSC recently stopped the NBA from organising the Special Annual General Assembly and Basnet’s complaint of financial irregularities in the association was one of the two reasons given to the NBA by the sports governing body.

“All the expenses of the training in Bangkok ahead of the 2014 Asian Games was borne by the Thailand Boxing Association but the NBA has withdrawn Rs 552,900 from the NSC,” said Basnet. “Neither they have given any money to the players, not they have spent the amount for the boxers,” he added.

The NBA on July 6 asked Basnet to furnish clarification within 15 days about the information shared by him in social media. “It is ridiculous to ask me the clarification of the facebook status I shared some one and half years ago,” he said. “As I have to follow the statute, I will submit my point,” basnet said.