KATHMANDU: Bilam Lal Shrestha gave something to cheer in an otherwise disappointing Nepali showing at the third Asian Indoor Games in Hanoi, Vietnam today.

Bilam Lal won three matches in the Rapid Chess. He defeated Osaka Oki of Japan in the sixth round, seeing off Afghani duo Aminulla Kainandis in the seventh and Awasin Mahadi in the ninth round. He, however, lost the eighth round match against Sri Lankan opponent Athull Russel.

Badri Lal also won the sixth round match against Ye Yang Liu of Taipei but lost his seventh, eighth and ninth round matches. In the girls' section, Monalisa Khambu also won the ninth round match against Momina Mohammed of Maldives but lost seventh and eighth round games. Ashmita Rai lost both her eighth and ninth round matches.

In snooker, Saroj Mulmi lost his second round match against Kim Do Hun of South Korea. Mulmi lost the match four frames to three. Earlier, Shyam Khadgi went down 4-0 in the first round against Lim Chong Kate of Singapore. Meanwhile, Nepal lost third consecutive match in basketball on Monday night. Nepal went down 35-11 against Thailand.

Thailand scored 18 and 17 giving away just five and six points to Nepal in two quarters. Nepal, who lost their previous league matches against Kuwait and Jordan, will next play Qatar and India.