Coaches unhappy with referee

LALITPUR: Criticising referees has become a routine job of the coaches at the post-match press conference and Army’s Meghraj KC and Three Star’s Rajendra Tamang gave continuity to that on Thursday.

While Tamang accused FIFA Referee Srawan Lama of not sending off TAC skipper Bharat Khawas for a foul against Jagjeet Shrestha in the 15th minute, KC was furious over the official for not expelling TSC skipper Sagar Thapa for using foul language.

“The ANFA and referees better provide us the list of players against whom they do not take any action. They are biased towards certain players,” he said. “A player uses foul languages during the match and he escapes with just a yellow card.” Both Thapa and Khawas were cautioned with yellow cards but the coaches wanted them to be expelled.

“The referee should have give a straight red for the foul against Jagjeet Shrestha but he escaped with a yellow,” said Tamang, who claimed the referees of not being qualified to conduct high-tempo matches.