Kathmandu, February 23:

The National Sports Council (NSC) Employees’ Association today raised questions over the formation of the new committee.

“We have already announced the election dates and we were shocked by the news that a new committee was formed,” said Nabin Upreti, acting president, Central Ad hoc Committee of NSC Employees’ Association, at a press meet at the Nepal Sports Journalists Association hall.

“This ad hoc committee is not dissolved and we are holding elections in a month time. The assembly of employees had given us five-point mandate and except for the election, we have already accomplished the four others,” clarified Upreti.

According to him, the jobs accomplished by the committee formed under Makendra Bahadur Singh were including the association’s existence in the NSC regulations; send an association representative to the NSC board; prepare the bylaws of the association; and negotiate with the NSC management for the employees’ farewell.

“The association is not affiliated with any organisation or political party. This is purely a forum for the NSC employees. We plead all the NSC employees to beware of handful of people who are trying to misguide our members with sweet slogans,” said Upreti. “We don’t have any problem with that group who formed another committee and we are also not criticising them. But as the employees of the NSC we want one committee and that must come through elections,” he said.

Few days earlier, a group of NSC employees affiliated to National Republic Sports Organisation (NRSO) formed a new committee announcing the dissolution of the previous committee after locking out the NSC offices. The NRSO locked out the NSC demanding the resignation of member secretary Jeevan Ram Shrestha.