World Cup is open’

BRIDGETOWN: Sri Lanka coach Tom Moody believes the 2007 World Cup will be the most open yet. “This World Cup is really open. I know that’s kind of a cliche that has been thrown around for a while now, but actually it’s quite true,” said Moody, who was in the winning Australian team under Steve Waugh in 1999. “I believe Sri Lanka has as good a chance as any other team to win this World Cup. We just have to knuckle down and take our chances and prove our worth.” — AFP

McGrath wants new ball

SYDNEY: Australian paceman Glenn McGrath has urged captain Ricky Ponting to hand him the new ball as the retiring bowling great strives to taste World Cup glory for the last time. McGrath, 37, was used as first change through the January-February home tri-series against England and New Zealand. “I love taking the new ball, obviously that’s the way I would prefer to go, but I’ll sit down and I’ll have a think about the game and which is best suited to the team, as well as talk to Buck (coach John Buchanan) and Ricky and the other guys.” — AFP

Plane crashlands

KINGSTOWN: Reigning world champions Australia practised unfazed, following the crash of a single engine Cessna aircraft near to the Arnos Vale Sports Complex on Saturday. The pilot and his three passengers escaped major injuries, but they were taken to hospital. Reports indicated that the pilot lost control in cross winds when attempting to land at the ET Joshua Airport which provide the backdrop to the northern end of the ground. The Australians, who were practising just 200 metres away from the scene, saw the drama unfold before cutting short their training session. — AFP