F1 probes into racist taunt of Hamilton

BARCELONA: Formula One's governing body was investigating claims Sunday that a fan at the Spanish Grand Prix wore dark makeup to mock driver Lewis Hamilton.

Television pictures showed a man wearing a McLaren team shirt and wig, and covered in dark makeup on his face, arm and hands and carrying an F1-style steering wheel among the 92,000 fans at the Circuit de Catalunya.

It's the same Spanish track where a group of spectators jeered and insulted Hamilton, F1's first black driver, at testing in February 2008. Then, a group of spectators wore wigs, dark makeup and T-shirts with the words "Hamilton's Family" on them.

There were no indications that Hamilton suffered any abuse on Sunday.

FIA, which launched an anti-racism campaign as a result of the previous incident at Barcelona, said it was aware of the situation and investigating.

Hamilton was honoured by the track on Friday for becoming F1's youngest ever champion last year at the age of 23.