Ex-Mem Secy Sthapit elected

Kathmandu, December 10

Former Member Secretary of National Sports Council Keshav Sthapit, who represented CPN-UML, won the provincial election from Kathmandu-6(A) today.

The former Mayor of Kathmandu, Sthapit received 8,022 votes, while his nearest rival Nhuchhe Narayan Manandhar of Nepali Congress garnered 5,149.

Former Chief Executive Officer of All Nepal Football Association Indra Man Tuladhar, who contested in the Provincial election representing Nepali Congress from Kathmandu-9 (A), lost to Ajay Kranti Shakya of CPN-UML. Tuladhar — also the president of CMG Club Sankata and long-time taekwondo coach — got 7,193 votes, while Shakya earned 9,531 votes.

Similarly, former ANFA Vice-president Kishor Rai of Nepali Congress faced defeat at the hands of Pradeep Kumar Bhandari of CPN-UML in Sunari-1 (A). Rai got 13,770 votes, while Bhandari received 19,243 votes.

Former NSC Treasurer Min Krishna Maharjan (11,742) of Nepali Congress was defeated by Chet Nath Sangel (12,866) of CPN-UML in Lalitpur-1(B), while former General Secretary of ANFA Kumar Jung Thapa, who contested for Nepali Congress in  Sunsari-3(A), former Treasurer of Nepal Volleyball Association Buddhi Katwal, who represented Nepali Congress in Sunsari-1 (B), and former U-19 national cricketer Fauzlur Rahman Khan, who represented CPN-UML in Kapilvastu-1(B), also faced defeat. Also, Mohammed Sami-Ullah, who contested in Bara-3B from CPN-UML, also lost the elections.

Sthapit became the fifth sports personality to register win in the elections. On Saturday, Nepal Olympic Committee President Jeevan Ram Shrestha was elected as Member of Parliament from Kathmandu-8, while Olympian weightlifter Surendra Hamal (Banke-2B) and former office bearers of Cricket Association of Nepal Tanka Angbuhang (Taplejung-B) and Deepak Koirala (Kaski-1A) won the provincial elections.