Kathmandu, July 8 The government has kept cricket in priority list and will focus in the infrastructure development of the sport in the next fiscal year. In its policies and programmes for the Fiscal Year 2015-16 presented by President Dr Ram Baran Yadav at the Parliament today, the government reiterated the promises of developing cricket. Apart from constructing an international-standard stadium in Mulpani and upgrading TU Stadium without any delay, the government has proposed eight other grounds across the country. The government has also promised a 5,000 capacity multipurpose covered hall for the 13th edition of the South Asian Games, which Nepal is likely to host. The programmes and policies has also included President Running Shield and the need of increasing the number of sports in the school-level competition. The government argued the tournament would lure more players into the sports sector. ‘One Electorate, One Sports Ground’ programme will get continuity, while the concept of ‘One Sport, One Academy’ will be implemented, the government claimed. A master-plan for sports will be prepared and implemented in the upcoming fiscal year, it said.