ICC WCL C'ship: Kenya win over Nepal in rain-hit match

KATHMANDU: Kenya made a victory of five wickets over Nepal in their first of the two fifth-round matches against Kenya in the ICC World Cricket League Championship held at the Tribhuvan University Stadium on Saturday.

Kenya achieved the double-reduced target of 94 runs in 25 overs at the loss of five wickets.

The rain had halted the match twice and subsequently, the target had been reduced to 104 runs and then to 94 runs.


Nepal vs Kenya match resumes

KATHMANDU: The remaining game (7.4 overs) has been further reduced after applying D/L method for the second time, which may lasts for 15 minutes. Today's game is affected  by the rainy weather condition.

Now, the match will last in 26 overs and the new target set for Kenya is 94 runs.

The pitch has been uncovered to continue the match.


ICC World Cricket League: Rain halts Nepal-Kenya match again

KATHMANDU: The Nepal vs Kenya match under the ICC World Cricket League Championship has been halted for the second time while Kenya were chasing against the hosts in the 29-over game.

Nepal had taken 4 wickets in 21.2 overs while Kenya made off 80 runs.

Meanwhile, the pitch is covered after the rainfall started.


ICC World Cricket League: Kenya's target reduced to 104 runs for 29 overs

KATHMANDU: The second innings of the Nepal vs Kenya match under the ICC World Cricket League Championship has begun, in which the guests are chasing for a 104-run target against the hosts in 29 overs.

Though Nepal had already scored 112 runs with a loss of eight wickets, the Duckworth–Lewis (D/L) method was applied to reduce the target as the rain halted the match in the 36th over.

Earlier today, the game was delayed for around three hours due to the rain and the match was reduced to 38 overs.

D/L method is used in calculating the target score for the team set to bat in the second innings in a limited overs cricket match interrupted by weather condition or other circumstances.


Nepal vs Kenya: Match halted due to rain

KATHMANDU: Nepal's ongoing match with Kenya has been halted due to rain at the Tribhuvan University Stadium.

Nepal have scored 112 runs with a loss of eight wickets.

Nepal's Shakti Gauchan and Sompal Kami were on the field with a partnership of 30 runs over 5.2 overs. Gauchan made 18 runs off 24 balls while Kami made 15 runs off 17 balls, with two 4s each.


KATHMANDU: Nepal are batting against Kenya in their match of the ICC World Cricket League Championship at the Tribhuvan University Stadium on Saturday.

Opening batsman Sunil Dhamala has left the ground adding three runs to the scoreboard restricting Nepal at 21-1 in six overs.

After taking three singles, Gyanendra Malla scored three 4s in the next three balls. However, elated Nepali crowd was disappointed in the very next ball as Malla was cleaned bowled by Nelson Odhiambo. Malla returned to pavilion with 27 runs off 35 balls including five 4s.

Nepali team suffered another loss after Kenya compelled Sagar Pun to return to the pavilion. Pun's shot was caught mid-air by Nehemiah Odhiambo at 12.5 overs, restricting him at 10 runs of 23 balls.

Sharad Veshwakar contributed three runs facing 17 balls and was sent back in 18.5 overs.

Another disappointment to Nepal. Binod Bhandari lost his wickets to Shem Ngoche after making four runs off eight balls. Mahaboob Alam followed next. Alam made only two runs facing seven balls. Bhandari left at 22.6 overs and Alam at 25.3 overs.

Dipendra Singh Airee, who was maintaining his grip on the field, was also compelled to return after Collins Obuya caught his shot mid-air at 26.6 overs. Airee contributed 19 runs off 56 balls.

Basanta Regmi also failed to score more. He made six runs off 19 balls leaving at 82-8 in 30.4 overs.

Nepal made a century with a single from Sompal Kami at 33.3 overs. Kami and Shakti Gauchan's partnership has given hope to Nepal to make a decent score.

Gauchan nearly lost his wickets in a run-out but managed to save himself.

Nepal were invited to bat after Kenya won the toss.