Indian millionaire aims to buy British football club

Prasun Sonwalkar

London, May 11:

Asians are poorly represented in the high-voltage British football but now a young Indian millionaire is all set to buy the Coventry City football club! Last year Russian millionaire Roman Abramovich shook up the football circuit by buying Chelsea. Coventry boy Jojar Dhinsa, 29, now wants to go one better on Abramovich and put in more than this amount in his favourite football club. Dhinsa has also set his sights on recruiting Ronaldo and David Beckham into the team. He says he can afford to invest more than the 200 million pounds Abramovich put into Chelsea.

Dhinsa claims he and a group of eastern European backers from the oil and gas industry are prepared to inject millions into the Division one club Coventry City. “ Abramovich put 150 million to 200 million pounds into Chelsea, and there’s no reason why we can’t match that or even beat it,” Dhinsa said. “In two years this club should be a premiership club, in three years it should be in Europe and in four years it will be winning trophies. “Nothing will be too big for the club. The calibre of players we will be looking for will be the Beckhams and the Ronaldos and the type of manager I would be after is someone like Claudio Ranieri.” “The vision is so big, nothing is out of reach and if I want to beat Roman I will,” he said. He has also pledged to encourage Asian players into the game and promote football within the community so that more Asians will consider a career in football and not just be attracted to traditional jobs.