Lama Construction to build Mulpani cricket ground

KATHMANDU: Cricket Association of Nepal (CAN) on Wednesday awarded Lama Construction the rights to construct cricket grounds in Mulpani.

"We accepted a bid of Rs 14.755 million from Lama Construction ahead of PA Construction and Pappu Construction under the recommendation of our consultant," said CAN general secretary Tanka Paneru today. CAN president Binay Raj Pandey and director of Lama Construction Pitambar Badu signed the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) here today.

The first phase of the project will see the company prepare ground, fence, pavilion and construct road leading up to the ground. Nepal governement have provided Rs 10 million and the Asian Cricket Council $100,000 for the purpose. According to the agreement the construction company will begin the project 15 days from singing the MoU and complete it withing 180 days.

The National Sports Council provided 270 ropani land at Mulpani in 2002 following ICC's decision to set the ICC Central Academy here. Cricket Australia had even came up with a design for the mega project but ICC pulled out of the project after former CAN officials delayed to come up with their plans. ICC's plan to build ACC Regional Cricket Academy also could not materialised.

"We failed to cash on wonderful opportunites in the past but we are moving ahead in the right path," said CAN president Binay Raj Pandey. Pandey also added that they are working to build the academy in the next phase. Pandey was optimistic that ACC would provide further $300,000 to $600,000 after the completion of the first phase. "They (ACC) have assured us to help build an academy provided the initial project impresses them," said Pandey. CAN president also said that they are trying to seek support from Cricket Australia in the second phase.