NJA helps victims

KATHMANDU: Nepal Judo Association on Saturday distributed financial help to the sports journalists affected by last year’s devastating earthquake. Member Secretary of National Sports Council Keshab Kumar Bista handed over a cheque of Rs 50,000 to the family of Suman Bhomjan who lost his life in the quake, while 20 other sports journalists were provided with Rs 25,000 each. Likewise, the NJA also provided coach Chandra Narayan Chaudhary with Rs 25,000 for his treatment. NJA President Deepak Harsha Bajracharya said the amount was donated by international bodies. “The International Judo Federation had provided us with $50,000 after we approached them to help the victims,” Bajracharya said. “We distributed Rs 300,000 each to the families of three judokas who were killed in the earthquake and Rs 100,000 to rebuild Nuwakot dojang in the first phase and helped the NJA officials,” he added. “We will use the rest of the amount in development of the sport,” said Bajracharya.