Pampati to establish golf academy

Kathmandu, March 10:

Golf enthusiast Nagender K Pampati is planning to establish a golf academy in Kathmandu by 2011.

“I am planning to establish a golf academy in Kathmandu to help the upcoming professional golfers and the downtrodden caddies who have not been able to get opportunities despite having lots of skills and zeal towards the sport,” said Pampati, who is also the CEO and Chairman of International Society of Medical Studies (ISME) Pvt Ltd.

“Basically I am interested in those golfers and caddies who are short of so many things to continue with the sport and can do better if provided proper opportunities,” he added.

Pampati said he was planning to complete the project by the end of 2011.

“I see lot of scope in these youngsters who have been playing here. They have skills and zeal is there, but they are not getting opportunities and I would like to help them out,” said the passionate golfer who wants to make significant contribution in the development of the sport and the players.

“I have seen passion in the young golfers here and what we need to do is just create an favourable environment to grow them up,” said Pampati, whose College of Medical Sciences (CMS) of Bharatpur, Chitwan has been sponsoring CMS Cup Golf Championship.

“We are sponsoring the tournament for the third year in a row and this year it will be just the continuation of the last year,” he informed. The four-day pro event under the CMS Cup is slated for March 16-19 at the RNGC followed by two-day amateur tournament.

The estimated budget for the tournament, including the CMS All Nepal Caddie Golf Championship held on March 9, is Rs 1.5 million and one third has been set aside for the prize money.

Pampati also informed that he was planning to organise Nepal Open, a pro event, in December. “I will try my best to bring in top Indian golfers in the tournament,” he added.

“I am doing all these because of my passion towards the sport. There is no hidden agenda for doing all these,” he clarified. “I want to make my identity in golf,” he added.