KC shatters Vaishya’s record

Lalitpur, July 26

Prakash KC and Suraj Vaishya set new national records in the Youth and Junior Asian Weightlifting Championship here at the Nepali Army Sports Complex today.

KC set the new mark in junior men’s 69kg weight category after lifting a total weight of 232kg, including 100kg in snatch and 132kg in clean and jerk. Suraj Vaishya had set the record of 170kg that included 75kg in snatch and 95kg in clean and jerk earlier in the day.

Vaishya, who also competed in both junior and youth sections of 69kg, lifted the weight today to surpass Ashok Kumar Sah’s mark. Sah had lifted 130kg, including 55kg in snatch and 75kg in clean and jerk, during the Lumbini Championship four years ago. Vaishya, however, remained national record holder in the youth section of 69kg weight category. KC finished 12th and Vaishya came last among 15 participants in junior category, while Vaishya finished last among 13 lifters in youth category. On Tuesday, Kamala Shrestha had set national record in the women’s 58kg, while Sanju Chaudhary set new mark in the women’s 53kg.

Meanwhile, North Korea’s Pak Gong Ju lifted a total weight of 312kg, including 138kg in snatch and 174kg in clean and jerk, to win all three gold medals of junior men’s 69kg event category. Thailand’s Suttipong Jeeram lifted 127kg in snatch and 155kg in clean and jerk for a total weight of 282kg to win youth category’s all three gold medals.