Rana to knock court doors on Sunday

KATHMANDU: Rejected by the election committee for not meeting the required procedures to file her candidacy for the post of All Nepal Football Association president, Geeta Rana said she would seek legal remedy.

“I have no choice than to knock the court doors as the election committee did not let me file the nomination by making wrong interpretation of the ANFA bylaws,” said Rana while returning from the ANFA complex this afternoon. “As it is a public holiday tomorrow, I will go to court on Sunday,” added Rana, the former ANFA president recognised by the National Sports Council (NSC).

After heated discussions with the election committee members on the matter of the ANFA Congress members and the representatives, Rana took back her nomination letter before making the exit from the ANFA complex.

Rana argued that the representatives nominated by the ANFA member associations were eligible to endorse the candidates, while the election committee advocated that only ANFA members were supposed to sign in the nomination letter.

“Their argument of only 72 members can endorse the candidates is baseless,” said Rana. “All the 229 representatives can play the role of supporter and proposer,” she added. Before going to the ANFA, Rana had gone to the NSC and Ministry for Youth and Sports to register a copy of her nomination. “I came here as the ANFA might say that they have not received any nomination from me,” Rana said at the Ministry.

According to election committee, only three of the 10 members — who had signed in Rana’s favour — were legitimate. Rana had collected the support from Dadeldhura, Darchula, Achham, Bajhang, Kalikot, Kailali, Doti, Kanchanpur, Bajura FAs and Bouddha Football Club in her nomination letter.

Except for Bouddha, Kailali and Kanchanpur FAs, others are not registered with the ANFA. The ANFA has 72 members — 40 district FAs, 20 ‘A’ Division Clubs, five ‘B’ Division Clubs, three ‘C’ Division Clubs, Referees’ Association, Players’ Association, Coaches’ Association and Women’s Association.

According to the newly-built ANFA bylaws, only these member associations are supposed to endorse any candidate. A total of 229 representatives will take part in the September 7 ANFA Congress which will elect 31-member committee — President, eight Vice Presidents and 22 Members. Ganesh Thapa has already registered his nomination and is likely to be elected unopposed as the deadline ends on Saturday.