Schumi wins US GP

Associated Press

Indianapolis, June 20:

Michael Schumacher won the United States Grand Prix which became a debacle when only six cars raced. The other 14 drivers boycotted the Formula One event amid safety concerns with their Michelin tires. Schumacher’s Ferrari teammate Rubens Barrichello was second, and Tiago Monteiro’s Jordan third. The race was in jeopardy all the way up to the start after Michelin informed the seven teams it supplies that its tires were not safe in the final banked corner of Indianapolis Motor Speedway. FIA refused a request to allow the teams to change to a fresh set of tires, and wouldn’t even consider placing a chicane in the final turn to slow the speeds. After a lengthy meeting, nine of the 10 F1 teams said they would only compete if the chicane was put in place. Ferrari was the only team to refuse the chicane. All 20 cars lined up on the starting grid even without the chicane in place. But, after the warmup lap, the 14 cars on Michelin tires all pulled into the garage and parked in protest. It left just six cars on the track — the Ferraris, Jordans and Minardis which all use Bridgestone tires.