Shrestha & Co take over NOC, officially

Kathmandu, October 1

The newly-elected committee of Nepal Olympic Committee headed by Jeevan Ram Shrestha assumed the office today.

Shrestha, who was Secretary General in the previous two committees led by Dhruba Bahadur Pradhan, was elected the president defeating Umesh Lal Shrestha in the election held on September 3.

Four Vice-presidents Dhirendra Pradhan (football), Jyoti Pradhan (tennis), Purendra Bikram Lakhe (karate) and Rajendra Bantawa (rafting) were elected along with Secretary General Lama Tendi Sherpa (basketball), joint Secretary General Rajiv Shrestha (boxing) and Treasurer Ratan Kumar Tandon (Weightlifting).

Likewise, Ang Dendi Sherpa (wushu), Sunil Shrestha (fencing), Tej Gurung (handball), Nilendra Raj Shrestha (triathlon), Sanjeev Tuladhar (athletics), Samim Miya Ansari (wrestling), Ashok Bajracharya (swimming), Deepak Harsha Bajracharya (judo) and Ramesh Shrestha (badminton) were elected Members of the committee. The committee will take its full shape after the nominations of one vice-president and four members.

At a programme organized to welcome new officials and bid farewell to the outgoing members, Pradhan handed over the reign to Shrestha, who is the President of Nepal Ski Association. In return, the newly elected committee honoured the outgoing officials with letter of appreciation. The NOC also handed over Rs 40,000 each to 68 players, officials and sports journalists who were affected by the devastating April 25 earthquake.

President Shrestha said the new committee would focus on strengthening the athletes and come up with concrete plan and programmes to help them win medals in international tournaments. “We could not work towards the stability of Nepali sports in the past because of multiple reasons,” said Shrestha.

“Now as all the controversies are over, we will work in strengthening the athletes who can win accolades in international arena,” said Shrestha. “We will formulate certain strategies and help the Nepali sports gain new heights,” he added.

Shrestha said the Olympic Movement had taken a big stride in last eight years and his committee would reach the grassroots in the days to come. “I think everyone has understood the importance of Olympic Movement and we will move ahead by including all the stakeholders of the nation,” said Shrestha.

The former National Sports Council Member Secretary Shrestha urged the need of better preparation for the 12th SA Games to be held in India next year. “The state needs to be serious for sports sector and invest accordingly,” he said. Regarding the next edition of the

regional games which Nepal will be hosting, Shrestha said the government needed to develop infrastructure.

“The government has principally agreed to the action plan submitted by the NOC and the time has come to implement it,” he added.

Outgoing President Pradhan said the NOC was in ‘war phase’ for the last eight years and they could not work towards the betterment of athletes. “The time has changed now with all the issues resolved forever,” he said.

Pradhan said they made two agreements with Rukma Shumsher Rana-led faction to end the disputes. “We reached the deal with an agreement of providing the Rana-led faction with one each vice-president and treasurer along with four members in the new committee. And appointment of Rana as the chairperson of South Asian Games Headquarters

and two others in the NOC commissions were also agreed in the meeting,” he informed. “Now with all the stakeholders standing at the same side, no one would be able to disturb the Olympic Movement.”