Army club receives AFC Club License

KATHMANDU: The Tribhuvan Army Football Club has received the AFC Club License after the appeal body of the Asian Football Confederation overturned the decision of First Instant Body.

The Tribhuvan Army Club amended its statute and registered the club with the name of Tribhuvan Army Football Club transforming it into a professional club to follow the AFC guidelines and meet the requirements of the Asian football governing body.

The TAFC had lodged an appeal against the decision of FIB, which rejected applications of all 13 ‘A’ division outfits for the AFC Club License.

“The Appeal Body on Tuesday took the decision for Tribhuvan Army Football Club after the club lodged an appeal against the decision of First Instant Body (FIB),” said ANFA on its website. Following the approval, the TAFC will now be eligible to participate in the tournaments organised by the AFC.