Will the 'hat-trick' work for Dhangadhi cricketing dreams

DHANGADI: Dhangadhi Cricket Academy (DCA), with a campaign that aims to identify Dhangadhi as a cricketing hub, has launched a cap with the message ‘Dhangadhi - City of Cricket’ on Thursday.

Mayor of Dhangadhi Sub-Metropolitan City, Nripa Bahadur Wada, while launching the cap said that it may seem like a simple idea, but the launch of the cap would deliver a broad message in the long-run.

The campaign aims to identify Dhangadhi as a cricket city where tourists can pick up the cap as a souvenir and eventually will be made available in all shops, said Suvash Shahi, President of the DCA.

In recent times, Dhangadhi Premier League has been considered the country's largest cricket tournament with a large amount of investment. The League came into existence after the merger of the SPA Cup and Dhangadhi Cricket League in 2016. The SPA Cup was started in 2010 wherein a total of four editions were played.

Shahi said that the first, second and third editions of Dhangadhi Premier League have been completed and preparation is on for its fourth edition.

Since 2015, with a dream to identify Dhangadi as the city of cricket, Dream Fapla campaign has been launched for the construction of an international cricket stadium in Fapla. The state and local governments have also allocated budget for the same.

(Translated by Madhavi Marasini)