Mummy elephant

BERLIN: The mothers of Ivory Coast’s squad, nicknamed “the elephants”, bro-ught out a song to “encourage” their offspring. The French and local vernacular clip is getting regular play on the RTI TV station and propagates a new dance “style” — the “mama jump,” a version of the winged, hands-outstretched, run players often set off on when scoring.

Juggle on

GELSENKIRCHEN: Alejandro Trujillo of Mexico still has the old ball skills at 70 as he attends his 12th World Cup. The father of three, who are at the tournament with him, will give a half-time juggling exhibition when Mexico face Portugal next week. He also wants to set a record in Madrid next week by walking 20km, the current record is 15, with five others, all juggling a football as they go.

Secret Ghana

WUERZBURG: Ratomir Dujkovic wants his players’ full attention. The Ghana coach declared a training session closed on Thursday. And when fans and reporters gathered outside the gates to get a peak of the Black Stars, the team bus and van were parked in front of them to block the view. An elderly Ghanian man, equipped with cow bells and a cassette recording of beating drums, was allowed to stay in the stadium, and watch Ghana hone its heading and goal-scoring skills.