79 acts of human rights violation registered in 2017

CHITWAN: Chitwan District has seen 79 acts of human rights violation during 2017, with majority of rape cases being registered in the year. A total of 30 rape cases were registered where 25 minor girls and five women identified themselves as victims.

A report published by Informal Sector Service Centre (INSEC) on Friday states that the District saw a total of 12 murders with two males, eight females and two minor girls as victims.


Likewise, Representative of INSEC Chitwan Dipendra Adhikari informed that nine acts of human trafficking were reported with eight females and one minor girl as victims.

Out of the 79 cases reported, the court has heard and passed its verdict on 20 cases out of which 14 were rape cases, two were murders, three were cases of polygamy.

Similarly, one case of human trafficking was dealt on court, according to the INSEC report.

According to District Justice Kul Prasad Sharma, government officials are more involved in acts of human rights violations. Sharma stressed on the need to shed light on information through media and court.