Absconding rhino poacher arrested in Kanchanpur

KATHMANDU: A convicted rhino poacher, who was on the run, has been arrested from Kanchanpur district of far-western Nepal, the Nepal Police's Central Investigation Bureau said.

The Shuklaphanta Wildlife Reserve had found Natthu Rana (45), a resident of Beldandi of Kanchanpur, guilty in two cases of rhino poaching and smuggling of animal parts on November 16, 2011 and December 17, 2014, according to DSP Pravin Adhikari of the CIB.

It had slapped a sentence of 10 years in jail and Rs 50,0000 on Rana in absentia.

A team of security personnel deployed from the Kathmandu-based Central Investigation Bureau, the Shuklaphanta Wildlife Reserve and the Regional Investigation Team apprehended him yesterday and handed over to the Shuklaphanta Wildlife Reserve, the CIB said today.