Myagdi VDCs reel under acute shortage of water

BENI: Eight VDCs of Myagdi district are reeling under acute shortage of drinking water.

The VDCs facing water shortage include Bhakimli, Arman, Barangja, Muna, Devistathan, Rum, Okharbot and Mudi.

Local people said that they are forced to walk around two hours on average to fetch water from nearby water sources without water facility in the villages.

They said that although water supply is easier during monsoon, but the problem becomes severe during dry seasons.

They accused concerned authorities of failing to provide them with water facility.

Meanwhile, the locals said that although some of the VDCs facing water shortage have been declared open defecation free zone, there are difficulties in its implementation in lack of water.

Tek Bahadur Kandel of Arman VDC said that most of the toilets of the VDCs have remained useless for want of water.

The District Development Committee said that it would allocate budget to provide water service in the VDCs.