Naya Shakti's plenum reelects Bhattarai as party coordinator

KATHMANDU: Naya Shakti Party's fourth extended plenum held in Lumbini from February 16-24, has concluded.

Former Prime Minister Babu Ram Bhattarai led party is also mulling over a new name for the party.

"The suggestion came during the plenum, nothing has been decided yet. The decision will be taken during the party's forthcoming first national general convention," Bhattarai's aide Bishwadeep Pandey informed.

Bhattarai was unanimously reelected as the party's coordinator.

Issuing a statement after the meeting, the party has stated that the first national general convention will be held within a year.

"A 99-member central committee as well as a committee to prepare for the general convention has also been formed," said Pandey.

Raju Nepal has been appointed the coordinator of the party's central office and Prashant Singh has been appointed the spokesperson.

Likewise, Hisila Yami has been appointed the in-charge of the party's abroad chapter.

Chiefs of all seven provinces were also chosen at the first meeting of the committee for the general convention.

Rajendra Kirati has been appointed Province 1 in-charge, Ram Rijhan Yadav of Province 2, Ganga Narayan Shrestha of Province 3, Rudra Bahadur Gurung of Province 4, Nawaraj Subedi of Province 5, Sarun Baathamagar of Province 6 and Krishna Kumar Chaudhary of Province 7.