Third National Agriculture Mechanisation Exhibition planned in Dharan

LALITPUR: The Third National Agriculture Mechanisation Exhibition-2018 is to be held in Dharan from February 22 to 25 focusing on agriculture and livestock.

Agricultural Engineering Directorate under the Department of Agriculture, the Prime Minister Agriculture Modernisation Project, and Nepal Agricultural Machinery Entrepreneurs Association are jointly organising the exhibition, Association President Swoyambhu Krishna Shrestha announced at a news conference here on Monday.

The Third National Agriculture Mechanisation Exhibition is being organised with the objective of modernising and commercialising the agriculture and livestock sectors.

The exhibition would include stalls displaying modern agricultural machines and appliances, modern irrigation technology, quality seeds, poultry farming technology, dairy technology and equipment, and fishery technology, among others.

The organisers expect the exhibition will make transactions worth Rs 100 million. More than 200 companies of 20 countries will participate in the exhibition. 150 companies will put up their stalls in the exhibition. The first such exhibition was held in Chitwan and the second one in Kathmandu.