An amazing City in all its glory

Madhu Nepal lists some of the fun things to do in and around Albany

I am lucky to get the opportunity to visit different places often and enrich my life. Recently, I visited Albany, the capital city of the state of New York. Its historical, cultural, architectural aspects made my visit to this place really memorable.


Parks and Recreations Area

Albany offers more than 60 public parks and recreation areas. First weekend I visited well maintained Washington Park in downtown area which is very large with the facilities of sports, and you can go there to have a picnic. Around Albany you can choose to enjoy one of the many parks or playgrounds, community centers, swimming and skating facilities. Lake George is another happening place that I visited which has number of outlets of branded companies, ferry facilities, swimming and varieties of foods. Small place is separated as "around the world" which has dummy of major attractions of numbers of countries around the globe. Waterfalls, rivers and lakes are easily accessible around the Albany. Mohawk and Hudson are major rivers in Albany area. The Tulip Festival, one of Albany's largest festivals, is set in Washington Park and celebrates the city's Dutch heritage. This traditional Albany event marks the beginning of spring as thousands of tulips bloom in the park in early May.


Normally other downtown are popular for nightlife and shopping but Albany is home to the New York State Museum, the New York state library and the New York state Archives which are located in cultural education center that are free for public entry. Historic sites and government buildings offer tours and impressive architecture. Parks, memorials, art galleries, museums, and planetariums are found at every turn.

Eating out and Night life

Albany is historical city where immigrants from many countries around 200 from Nepal are found here so Indian, Continental; Chinese, Korean, Italian, French dishes are easily found. Madison Avenue, Pearl Street, Delaware Avenue and Lark Street serve as the most active entertainment areas in the city. Night clubs are mostly packed with aged people than youngsters.

Things to Do

It is good place for a variety of fruits. Number of farms offer visit, pick and pack offer where some domestic animals can be seen. Local cock, goat, lamb can be bought from those farms in reasonable prices. A short trip to Thacher Park — Cliff Top & Indian Ladder Trails was wonderful moment to recall as that made me nostalgic with the nature similar where I grew up.

Saratoga spring is just a few miles away where I visited with my friends where horse racing was happening on every one hour of that moment. Betting on horse racing was another attraction. Saratoga has a casino as well.


It has an international airport so you can come directly otherwise you can travel by bus from anywhere NYC, Boston. Local buses are found in different routes. Taxi on call is available. Rental cars are found in airport and other places. Motel to luxury hotels are easily found in different locations.

If you are planning to visit then it’s better to visit during the summer season, but if you love colourful leaves falling around every nook and corner then fall will be better. If skating is your favorite thing to do then you will not be disappointed in winter too.

 The author is an IT professional and loves to travel.