Making memories

Garima Subedi takes off to Bangkok for a special vacation

Having been married for few days, we planned on going on a trip to celebrate our togetherness (popularly known as honeymoon). So I called up a friend for suggestions, laughing through our conversation he suggested Thailand. Yes, I thought why not? Easy visa, reasonable cost and a tourist hub. Having heard about its beaches, water sports, clubs, shopping centres, we were really excited to visit Thailand for our first trip together. So after getting leave from office and a good travel package for two we were ready to go.

On our way back to the hotel, we stopped to watch the popular ‘ALCAZAR’ cabaret show. Performance by the LGBT community with vibrant and elaborate costumes was the heart of the show. They also did an outstanding show on the popular ‘Aja Nachle’ song getting the crowd very excited including us. Afterwards we got to click some pictures with the performers too. Later in the evening after freshening up we decided to go to the beach that was five minutes walk from our hotel and words aren’t enough to explain how it felt like walking on the shores late at night with bars open and trust me when I say this offers ‘lots of entertainment’. On the way back to the hotel we entered a massage centre as Thai massages are very popular and we wanted to try one.

Next day we travelled back to Bangkok that felt different from Pattaya. A city with busy roads, traffic, shopping malls, street markets, street food and hot weather. But besides all that it is home to a number of stupas, temples and royal palaces.

We visited the world’s largest Buddha carved in gold and a large sleeping Buddha statue. After visiting the holy shrines of Thailand we were dropped off at Ocean World. We still had some time in the evening and we visited  Madame Tussauds. It was amazing to see mind-blowing and exciting wax figures of the world’s most loved and influential people like Mark Zuckerberg, Mahatma Gandhi, Barack Obama, Narendra Modi, Leonardo Di Caprio and many more. But remember, it’s better if you know a local there, a guide perhaps as buying the tickets can come much cheaper. We got to watch a 4D movie ‘Ice Age’ included in our reasonable ticket rates. Very reasonably priced clothes and shoes forces one to shop in Bangkok and the malls and streets are excellent to shop at.

On the last day we decided to go on a jungle safari. Performances by chimpanzees, dolphins, sea lions and cowboys were amazing. Then a long ride through the areas filled with giraffes, zebras, tigers and birds kept us on our toes. On our way back we talked about how much Thailand made our first trip together a wonderful experience and that Thailand has so much to offer. We will soon go back, to explore more and make new memories.