Pokhara is as beautiful as ever

As I was invited on a short trip to Pokhara by Shangri-La Hotel who are promoting this beautiful city through their ‘Pokhara Jaun Paryatan Jogaun,’ I was really excited to be a part of it. As we traveled by road, I was mesmerised by the beautiful scenery along the highway. After six hours of driving, we reached Shangri-La Village Resort, Pokhara around 3 pm. We were welcomed at the resort in a traditional way with refreshments. As soon as I checked-in, Pokhara welcomed me with rainfall and I decided to spend rest of the evening in the resort enjoying the beautiful garden and the rain.

The next day, after having breakfast we headed for Begnas Lake. Begnas Lake is one of the most visited places in Pokhara for the lake offers a tranquil atmosphere and natural beauty. I was fascinated to boat on the lake, so beautiful and calm that you can relax and feel at peace within. Fishing seems quite exciting on the lake as many tourists were there with fishing rods. Begnas Lake is a must-visit if you are in Pokhara. But don’t forget an umbrella, sunglasses, hat and sunscreen to protect yourself from the scorching sun.

Enjoying the pleasure of boating for almost half an hour, we then took  a short hike uphill to Sundari Dada. It was an amazing experience to observe the two spectacular lakes — Begnas and Rupa (divided by the hill) from the top.

After the tiring hike, we spent some time at the Shangri-La property in Begnas and Ienjoyed the lunch. A friend offered to show me around Pokhara, so without giving it a second thought, I accepted his offer. We took a scooty ride to Phedi where most Pokhara denizens go to beat the heat of summer. As there are ample rental services forbikes/scooters/bicycles in Pokhara, it will not be a big deal for you to go for a ride around Pokhara. On the way, we stopped at Hemja, which is a cooler place to be. Hemja is located about 12 kms from Pokhara on the Baglung highway. Hemja offers visitors several attractions — caves, temples and a fantastic view of nearby mountains.

After that we head further for our ride and stopped at small roadside hotel where we had ‘sukuti,’ which is made of buffalo meat with different flavour, which is served with typical local tomato pickle and beaten rice, or whatever we would like to have. The ride was refreshing as I felt the cool breeze and view the nature’s beauty in the form of waterfall in several places. Returning from Phedi, we went to the lakeside, which is one of the most happening places in Pokhara for nightlife. There are various restaurants, bars and clubs where you can enjoy with friends and family. Eventually my friend dropped me back to the resort for the evening event to be held in the resort. While at the resort, I had a quality time at the spa and enjoyed swimming before I got ready for the event. That night was marked with a cocktail dinner programme followed by karaoke where we all sang along.

One of the major tourist destinations of Nepal, Pokhara is struggling with a slim flow of tourists after the April 25 earthquake. However, this is the best time to

visit and make the most of this paradise on earth which is still as beautiful as it ever was.