Being stylish means being confident with who you are. And then trendy and smart attires can help. For the confidence, it's all up to you, but when it comes to stylish clothes we can help.

The lane from Kumaripati to Jawalakhel also known as ‘world of fashion’ is where you can go.  You will get clothing for all age group along with parking space (on the road), along with that various eateries can help you relax after all the hard work.

Shrestha who has been doing business in this area for more than 13 years added, “When I started my business there weren't many clothing stores, there were only a few furniture stores. My grandfather used to tell me that this place used to be filled with vegetation and pigs used to graze around this area.” One can get 20 to 30 per cent discount here.

Price Range


Ladies and gent’s accessories:

Rs 350 to Rs 20,000

One piece dress: Rs 1,000 to

Rs 3,000

Tops: Rs 900 to Rs 4,000

Gown: RS 1,500 to Rs 4,500

Gent’s pant: Rs 1,200 to Rs 4,500

Fashion Impressive

Shirt: Rs 450 to Rs 750

Pant: Rs1,850 to Rs 3,550

Summer jacket: Rs 400 to Rs 1,900

Tee-shirt: Rs 500 to Rs 750

ANF and New Pinch Price on request