LG’s TWINWash launched

Kathmandu: CG Electronics launched LG’s top loading washing machine TWINWash during the festival season of Dashain and Tihar. Now wash two loads at the same time with LG’s TWINWash.

With LG’s TWINWash powerful washing is possible in the main washer on top for big loads or heavily stained items, while delicate items or light soiled clothes can be washed separately in the TWINWash Mini on the bottom. You can save time by separating white items and coloured ones or dad’s and baby’s or heavily stained and lightly stained; you can now do away with running the washing machine twice for each. Also, no additional space is needed for TWINWash Mini since it fits nicely under the main washer.  A Front loader on the top and TWINWash Mini on the bottom can be installed in the same spot.

LG TWINWash washing machines offer state-of-the-art features including TurboWash, which saves up to 30 minutes on larger loads without sacrificing on cleaning performance.  LG’s front-loading design makes loading and unloading easier, while LG’s STEAM technology gently cleans while extending the life of clothes.  LG’s TWINWash features an easy to use integrated control panel that will give you access to everything you need, right at your fingertips. The revolutionary TWINWash has three types of washing motions using the Slim DD motor, suitable for undergarments, delicate items and functional wear which need separated washing.  The Inverter Direct Drive motor is 40 per cent smaller and six per cent more energy efficient. Also, the flexible inlet valve system was developed to accommodate the drawer type concept.  With LG’s SMART ThinQ Technology, the TWINWash can be remotely operated from outside the house and electricity usage can be checked for energy monitoring and washing status.

LG TWINWash has been recognised for its stylish design, winning the RedDot Award and the IDEA International Design Excellence Awards.  Like always, LG appliances offer the powerful performance you want with the reliability you desire. The  introductory price for the washing machine is Rs 2,94,000.