Shrawan fervour begins


Women queuing to get their palms decorated with henna, selecting varieties of pote (glass beads) and bangles are some cannot-miss scenes in the market. It becomes difficult for one to make his/her way out while walking on the pavement. The reason — it is Shrawan.

Along with the arrival of the month of Shrawan, the cosmetics shops in and around the Capital are filled with red, yellow, and green bangles, pote, tika and henna. During the month of Shrawan, women are supposed to wear green, red, and yellow bangles. “It is believed that green bangles are worn to fulfil one’s desire, wishing for a happy and prosperous life of family members,” shared Apurva Ghimire, a 38-year-old who was busy selecting bangles.

Bangles in demand

Bangles be it of glass or plastic are always in demand. But the sales peak during the month of Shrawan. There are bangles made from metals too. These bangles are found in varieties of colours and designs. Bangles with jhumkas too are available in the shops.

“Women generally pair bangles with the colour of their dresses, but during the month of Shrawan women wear bangles of green, red, and yellow colours,” shared Amjad Khan, proprietor of AJ Cosmetics, Indrachowk. Married women prefer wearing green and yellow along with red colour but the unmarried ones pair green and yellow. “Red is the colour associated with husband in our culture and it is also one of the symbols of shaubhagya. This is why married women are supposed to wear red, while unmarried women are seen wearing green and yellow bangles,” shared Jeewan Thapa, proprietor of Cozy Beauty Collection, Boudha, Tusal.

Even girls in jeans are seen wearing bangles during the month of Shrawan. “It is believed that unmarried girls who wear green bangles and worship Shiva can get an ideal husband and this might be the reason,” smiled and shared Thapa.

Rather than buying metallic or plastics bangles, women prefer buying glass bangles as they are comparatively cheaper. And if someone doesn’t prefer wearing a lot of bangles, then there are baalas for them.

However, one has to be careful and keep water at bay if you wear bangles. “Water washes the designs and this is why good quality bangles should be bought. Protecting bangles from water can keep them in good shape for a long time,” suggested Khan.

Not only bangles, but women irrespective of their age are queuing up to apply mehendi too. “This is not only about following culture but a major fashion trend,” shared Anupa Dawadi, a 24-year-old resident of Manamaiju.

Coloured pote

Along with the demand for colourful bangles, there is a high demand for red, green and yellow pote (glass beads) in the market. The reason for wearing such coloured pote is the same — wishing for a long life, happiness and prosperity of the husband and a happy conjugal life.

However, as per the Hindu tradition, only married women wear pote. “As there is a culture of wearing red, green, and yellow colours during the month of Shrawan, the sales of pote in these three colours generally soar in Shrawan,” informed Rajja Udin,

proprietor of Mini Neads Cottage, Pote Bazaar, Indrachowk.

To ease women’s choices, there are pote made of these three colours. Green, red, and yellow coloured glass beads are woven together in different styles. There are glass beads with crystal shape too. There are round and curved designs of glass beads. “If you are looking for some special design in these glass beads, then jantaar, naugedi, jhumka, flower et cetera designs in these three colours can be the best option for you,” shared Rajja.

“Women generally put on green chadke tilhari but in the month of Shrawan not only green but red and yellow too are equally in demand,” shared Salim Uddin, proprietor of Nehal Beads, Indrachowk.


Nehal Beads

Pote: Rs 5 to Rs 1,800

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Mini Beads Cottage

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AJ Cosmetics

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