Umbrellas for all



Kanchhi ko chhaata dhalkaideu yeta

Ghaam paryo nidharaima

This song of Tulasi Parajuli reflects the importance of umbrella in our life. Umbrella provides shade during scorching summer days. It is not only helpful during hot sunny days, it is the most important item during the rains. “Have you carried an umbrella?” — we are often asked by our family members when we are going out during monsoon days.

Sale of umbrellas soar high along with the arrival of summer season. And if anyone hasn’t carried an umbrella on a rainy day and is stuck somewhere because of the downpour, then the hunt for an umbrella goes on. Any shop — be it the gift items, clothing store or the cosmetics store — has umbrellas

of multiple varieties these days to help you in an urgency.

Attractive cartoon prints for children

Children love to play under the falling rain but their health should be considered too. They move here and there carrying heavy umbrellas of adults because they like carrying umbrellas and walk under the rain. Knowing this psychology of children, the umbrella companies have made umbrellas of their size and kind. In the children’s umbrella, the tip is covered with plastic so that it won’t pierce their eyes and skin and hurt them. The canopy of children’s umbrella is printed with cartoon characters like Angry Bird, Barbie,  Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Disney Princess, Ben 10 or others that were popular with the children.

“Whenever a child comes to the shop and sees the cartoon printed umbrellas, s/he demands it immediately and the parents have to buy,” shared Kapil Karmacharya, Proprietor of Baneshwor Griha. Not only that, a whistle is also attached to some of the children’s umbrellas. Some even take a shape of ear when opened. These umbrellas are available for children of all ages. “Umbrellas for children from

two-and-a-half years of age are available,” informed Karuna Shrestha, Proprietor of Shrestha Cosmetic, Thapagaun Baneshwor.

Multiple prints for adults

There were times when one felt awkward carrying a budo chhata, specially the teenagers. The handle of such umbrellas were made of bamboo. The umbrellas couldn’t be folded and were big too. But the best thing about this umbrella was at least three people could walk under it even during heavy rainfall. One could even use it as a walking stick. However, keeping in mind such good qualities of bigger umbrellas, there are plenty of such but modified umbrellas.  The shaft and handle are metal and the canopy is also available in different colours with multiple design patterns. These bigger umbrellas are available in check designs and are found in multiple colours.

“One doesn’t need to be limited to the single black colour,” shared Manoj Kumar Regmi, Proprietor at NR Store, Thapagaun, Baneshwor. Such umbrellas come with covers. These cup styled covers help one prevent dripping water from the umbrella.

Clip-on runner in the umbrellas too are metallic. In some they are made of plastic to prevent one from possible scratches. One can select umbrellas with either a curved handle or straight handle. However, children’s umbrellas have curved handles to help them carry it comfortably.

Folding favourite for females

Foldable umbrellas are found in varieties and are a favourite with females. They can be easily folded and kept in bags. Apart from that the canopy of such umbrellas are found in multiple designs. Be it plain, floral prints, lines, or polka dots they are found in colours of your choices. “Most men prefer carrying black-coloured umbrellas, while women prefer colourful and with designs in them,” revealed Regmi.

White-coloured umbrellas aren’t preferred as they become dirty very quickly. “Other than some who are wearing white (as part of mourning as per the Hindu culture), there aren’t many buying such umbrellas. This is the reason why plain white umbrellas aren’t found in the market,” shared Regmi.

Things to be considered

When there is heavy rainfall, some umbrellas cannot bear the force and as a result the stretchers and ribs break. “This happens when one buys a duplicate umbrella,” informed Shrestha. One has to look at the ribs when one is buying an umbrella. “If the ribs and stretcher are thicker, it is good. And the material used in the canopy should be thicker,” she added.

However, there are pencil umbrellas too in the market but one can feel the metal. “One must check the top and bottom spring when buying an umbrella,” Karmacharya added. If such things are considered and the umbrellas are handled properly, then one piece can last for at least a year.


Shrestha Cosmetics

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Adults: Rs 250 to Rs 700


NR Store

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Adults: Rs 250 to Rs 500


Baneshwor Griha


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