1,563 military personnel arrested after Turkish coup attempt

ISTANBUL: Turkish authorities have detained 1,563 military personnel across the country after a coup attempt overnight by a faction of the military, an official told Reuters.

The soldiers attempted to use tanks and attack helicopters to overthrow the government.

Turkey detains 754 members of armed forces after coup attempt

Turkish authorities have detained 754 members of the armed forces after an overnight coup attempt by a faction within the military that used tanks and attack helicopters to try to overthrow the government, a senior official said.

Parliament Speaker Ismail Kahraman earlier said that a bomb hit one corner of a public relations building inside the parliament complex, injuring some police officers.

He said there were no fatalities and that all legislators were safe at a parliamentary shelter.

Troops loyal to the government are moving to crush the coup attempt, arresting some 130 anti-government forces. A helicopter was flying over the area where the parliament is located and shots were being fired.

A source at the presidency told The Associated Press on condition of anonymity that 13 military officers who had earlier tried to forcibly enter the presidential palace were among those arrested.