30 million Bangladeshis starving

Himalayan News Service

Dhaka, May 6:

Around 25 to 30 million people in Bangladesh are chronically poor and have been living below the official poverty line for a long time, according to a new study, reports Xinhua.

About 24 per cent of the rural population suffered the indignity of chronic poverty characterised by low consumption, hunger, malnutrition, lack of access to basic health services, illiteracy and other deprivations for over a decade, the Financial Express today quoted the study as saying.

Out of them, around 19 per cent cannot have full three meals a day while nearly 10 per cent subsists on two meals for several months a year, said the “State of the poorest people in Bangladesh 2004-2005” report.

The study, prepared by the Bangladesh Institute of Development Studies, recommended a four-tier strategy, including ensuring a broad-based and equal growth, upgrading the present accessibility and quality of health and education services to improve the livelihood of the poorest people.

Besides, necessary infrastructural supports for both rural and urban areas and better governance are also essential to meet this goal, the study said.