A majority of Indians back US N-deal: Poll

New Delhi, August 28:

A majority of Indians support a civilian nuclear accord with the United States, which is facing stiff political opposition and threatening the government’s survival, a poll said today.

Sixty-three per cent of those who know about the deal wanted it to move forward, a survey conducted by Gfk-Mode research agency found.

However, almost 44 per cent of the 12,179 respondents to the survey for the private NDTV news network said they were not aware of the complicated deal. The 63 per cent who reacted positively said they trusted Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on the deal.

An overall 65 per cent said they did not want Singh to resign.

The NDTV poll found that four leftist parties would lose ground while the ruling Congress would gain if snap elections were held today. The main opposition Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) — which was also initially opposed to the deal but has softened its stance — also would lose seats, the survey said.

The Congress alliance was projected to gain 20 seats in the 543-member house, while the BJP alliance was likely to lose 22 seats. The left parties with 60-plus MPs today would be the biggest losers — down 25 seats, said the poll carried out this month in 120 constituencies across India.