Another probe into Afghan jail abuse

Associated Press

Kabul, May 15:

The US military has launched its second probe into prisoner abuse in Afghanistan in a week, a spokesman said today. On Monday, the US military opened a criminal investigation into complaints of mistreatment from a former Afghan police officer who said he was beaten and sexually assaulted during 40 days in custody last summer. US military spokesman Tucker Mansager said leaders of the US-led coalition had been notified on Thursday of "another allegation of detainee abuse" and had begun an "immediate investigation." He gave no further details.

"Coalition forces are committed to ensuring all the detainees are treated humanely and consistent with international law," Mansager told a news conference in the Afghan capital, Kabul. The Human Rights Watch on Thursday called for a network of secretive US military jails in Afghanistan to be opened to outside scrutiny, claiming prisoners in US custody suffered "systemic" mistreatment.