Ershad lands wife in court

Agence France Presse

Dhaka, June 6:

A day after landing his wife in court on charges of theft, former Bangladesh dictator Hussain Mohammad Ershad flew out of the country today, denouncing the mother of his only son as a bigamist. “She cheated me. She has got two husbands,” the one-time military strongman, now 77, told a large crowd of reporters at Dhaka’s Zia International airport en route to Saudia

Arabia. Ershad said he believed his wife was a bigamist because she had named her former husband as her spouse in a 2002 passport application. “She didn’t divorce her former husband

... I divorced her on June 3,” he added, without giving details of any official divorce proceedings. Ershad’s secretary Khaled Akhter said that Ershad believed his second wife had not divorced her British husband, Peter Wilson.