Hamas denies Mossad infiltration following Dubai murder

DAMASCUS: The Palestinian Hamas movement denied on Sunday that it had been infiltrated by Israel's Mossad spy agency, following allegations of Palestinian collusion in the murder of a top militant in Dubai.

"The fact that Mahmud al-Mabhuh was followed by agents of the Mossad does not mean that the movement (Hamas) is infiltrated," a statement said.

Dubai police chief Dhahi Khalfan has called on Hamas to conduct an internal investigation "about the person who leaked information on Mabhuh's movements" and arrival in Dubai to his killers, the Al-Ittihad daily reported Sunday.

The source of the leak was the "real killer," Khalfan was quoted as saying.

Two Palestinians have been arrested in Jordan and extradited to Dubai, where they are being held in connection with the murder, according to Khalfan.

A Palestinian Authority security official in the West Bank said a senior Hamas member, Nehru Massud, was also suspected of involvement in the killing.

Massud has denied he had a role in Mabhuh's death.

Hamas has blamed the killing entirely on Israel and vowed revenge.

"Hamas rejects all the charges" of infiltration, Sunday's statement said.

"Hamas always carries out an investigation into the perpetrated crime and hopes to coordinate its actions with (the police force) of Dubai," the statement said.

Mabhuh, one of the founders of Hamas' military wing, was found murdered in his Dubai hotel room on January 20, and Khalfan has blamed Mossad for the killing.