India, Pak consider resumption of talks

SHARM EL SHEIK: The prime ministers of India and Pakistan had a rare encounter Thursday on the sidelines of a Non-Aligned Movement summit in effort to defuse tensions between the two nuclear powers after last year’s terrorist attacks. The much anticipated meeting came after a seven-month freeze in the political dialogue between the two historic adversaries after a days-long assault by gunmen from Pakistan left 166 people dead in India’s financial capital Mumbai.

Talks over Kashmir, water issues and demilitarisation ground to a halt after the attacks. India’s key demand has been that Islamabad prosecute those responsible. New Delhi has been reluctant to resume any kind of political dialogue.

At the inauguration of the Non-Aligned Movement summit on Wednesday, the two prime ministers outlined their concerns.

Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said terrorists and those who aid them must be brought to justice.

His Pakistani counterpart Yusuf Gilani said peace in South Asia is achievable. Pakistan is keen to restart the talks.