Indian millionaire gets lifer for murder

New Delhi, January 21

An Indian court today sentenced a millionaire businessman to life in jail for murder after he rammed his SUV into a security guard for being slow in opening a gate, a prosecutor said.

Muhammad Nisham, 39, was convicted yesterday for pinning the guard against a wall with his Hummer over delay in opening the gate of his apartment complex in the southern state of Kerala.

“The court awarded life sentence for the murder and 24 years in jail for other offences,” the public prosecutor involved in the case, CP Udayabhanu, told AFP.

“He is a repeat offender and we are satisfied with the judgement,” Bhanu said.

Nisham was also fined eight million rupees, half of which he must donate to the victim’s family. The 50-year-old guard, Chandarabose, was left with multiple injuries in the assault last January and died after suffering a cardiac arrest in the hospital where he was receiving treatment.

Prosecutors had told the court that Nisham pursued the guard into the complex with his Hummer and squeezed him against a wall before getting out and beating him with an iron rod.