PM Modi hits out at Pakistan after attack in Kashmir

Prime Minister Narendra Modi criticised Pakistan on Saturday, accusing it of being an exporter of terrorism, and vowing to mount a global campaign to isolate it.

The comments follow the September 18 attack on an Indian army camp in Kashmir, which New Delhi blamed on Pakistan. The attack claimed the lives of 18 Indian soldiers, in the biggest blow to security forces in the disputed Himalayan region for 14 years.

"People of Pakistan should question their leadership on why, when both countries gained freedom together, while India exports software, Pakistan exports terrorists," Modi said.

India has long accused Pakistan of backing militant groups operating in disputed Kashmir as well as of sending fighters to other parts of the country to carry out acts of violence.

Pakistan denies the allegations and says India has not provided adequate proof to support its claims.

Modi was giving a speech at a meeting of his Bharatiya Janata Party, whose leaders have said there should be a strong response to the attack, which took place in Uri.

"India has and never will bow down in the face of terrorism," Modi said.

Some military experts have called for cross border strikes against militant camps in Pakistan-administered Kashmir in the wake of the latest attack.

But Pakistan has warned it will hit back against any Indian attack and the latest tensions between the nuclear-armed neighbours are drawing concern.

India is likely holding back from major military action for fear of igniting a broader escalation, and may instead mount a diplomatic campaign against Pakistan, experts say.