Ela Dutt

Washington, March 19:

Resmi C Senan of India won the top UN prize in a contest on environmentally significant photography, beating entries from nearly 170 countries. Senan won $20,000 for her photograph of deer scavenging on a rubbish heap in the UN Environment Programme’s (UNEP) International Photographic Competition. The UNEP announced Senan’s top position, followed by second place for a photograph showing wealthy homes against a backdrop of slums and a third where a Buddhist monk is draping a cloth around a tree trunk. “The ability of the human eye and the camera lens to illuminate the beauty and tragedy of the world is brought into sharp focus by our fourth International Photographic Competition,” UNEP Executive Director Klaus Toepfer said. The winners of the gold were for three categories of the UNEP International Photographic Competition on the Environment, sponsored by the global photographic company Canon.