Iran UN resolution to be introduced 'as soon as next week'

WASHINGTON: A UN Security Council resolution setting out timelines for Iran's compliance with a nuclear deal could be introduced as soon as next week, a senior US administration official said Tuesday.

The US-drafted resolution will come "probably as soon as next week" and already has the backing of UN veto-wielding members who took part in the Iran talks, the official said.

The resolution is expected to authorise economic retaliation in response to any breach of the deal, but will likely stop short of any reference to military consequences.

However, another senior administration official, also on condition of anonymity, did not rule out the possibility of US military action as a last resort.

"Our clear preference is to resolve this diplomatically," the official said.

"Going forward, this or any future US president would have any option available to them including military action, if they felt that was necessary.

"If Iran is complying with this deal we certainly believe that would not be necessary to address the nuclear issue."