Iron ore mine blast in China's northeast kills 11

BEIJING: An explosion at an iron ore mining project in China's northeastern province of Liaoning on Tuesday has killed 11 people and injured nine, state media said.

Another 25 people are trapped after the blast, which happened at around 0810 GMT at the mine, according to online reports by the People's Daily and CCTV. The mine is in Liaoning province's Benxi city and owned by Huamei Group Company.

Benxi city officials have gone to the site to help with the rescue, CCTV said. Telephone calls made to the Huamei Group and the Benxi city government went unanswered.

China's government has taken action to try to improve the poor safety record at many mines.

In May, an explosion at a small coal mine in China's Hunan province killed two workers while another three are missing, the Hunan coal mine safety regulation bureau said.