Man electrocuted in bid to jump onto train

PARIS: An Egyptian man was fighting for his life on Wednesday after being electrocuted at a Paris station while trying to leap onto the Eurostar train to London, said a source close to the case. The man was electrocuted at the Gare du Nord station by an overhead power line while trying to jump from the roof of one train to another. He was taken to hospital in a critical condition, said the source. Eurostar said only that traffic had been interrupted in the afternoon after an accident led to a power cut.

Chile burns victim

SANTIAGO: A woman who survived being set on fire by Chilean soldiers during the dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet filed a criminal complaint in the case on Wednesday, nearly three decades after the disfiguring attack. Carmen Gloria Quintana was 18 when she and another youth, 19-year-old Rodrigo Rojas, were seized at an anti-government protest by a military patrol in 1986. A member of the patrol recently came forward to confess that Quintana and Rojas were beaten, doused with gasoline and set aflame by the soldiers, who left them for dead on the outskirts of Santiago. Rojas died of his injuries four days later, while Quintana survived despite burns on 60 per cent of her body.