Man survives quake, dug out after 5 days

Agence France Presse

Gunung, Sitoli, April 2:

Rescuers on the Indonesian quake-hit island of Nias pulled out a survivor today buried beneath the rubble of his house for almost five days. The man was pulled out by Singaporean and Mexican rescuers in the city of Gunung Sitoloi at 1030 GMT, more than 100 hours after the magnitude 8.7 quake struck, according a reporter at the scene.

As medical workers attended to him, he was heard yelling in pain.

Earlier, rescuers said they had spoken with a survivor. “I have been separated from my children and my wife,” a rescuer quoted the trapped survivor as saying.

Relatives said four people were trapped under the building.

Junianto, a relative, identified the trapped people as Hendra Ho Keng, 40, owner of the house, his wife Rini, 35, and their two daughters Lia, 11, and Wina, 9.